How the council works

Making decisions

Hambleton’s councillors are elected every four years and they meet together regularly as ‘full’ Council. These meetings are open to the public and are led by the Chairman of the Authority. They are appointed at the annual council meeting in May and serve for one year. You can see all your councillors here:

The council decides overall policies and sets the budget each year. It also appoints the Leader. The Leader appoints the Cabinet which develops and implements policies on behalf of the authority.

Cabinet members make decisions which are in line with overall policies and budgets. If Cabinet wishes to make a decision outside this framework, it must be sent to full Council for ratification. Key decisions due to be taken are published in the forward plan.

Cabinet meetings are monthly - they are open to the public, except where personal or confidential matters are being debated. You can see Cabinet details and members here:

The council’s Scrutiny Committee monitors the decisions of Cabinet and the implementation of policies. It can also recommend policies to Cabinet and Council and is consulted on developing policies. It can ‘call - in’ a decision made by Cabinet but not yet implemented - enabling it to consider whether it is the right decision to take. You can see Scrutiny Committee details and members here:

The council also has a Planning Committee which deals with planning matters, details can be found here:

A Licensing Committee looks after premises, taxi and other licences. Find details and members here:

The Audit, Governance and Standards Committee covers all aspects of internal and external audit, counter fraud and anti-corruption, monitoring of risk management, member and officer probity and consideration of Corporate Governance. Information can be found here:

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