Energy Rebate Scheme

Important information about the £150 council tax energy bills rebate

We want to thank residents for their patience whilst we process the £150 Council Tax Rebates.

We politely ask our residents to avoid contacting us if possible as we have thousands of payments to process with limited resource. We know who qualifies for this payment from our council tax records and no eligible resident will lose out.​   

Direct Debit payers

The majority of direct debit customers have now been paid the £150 rebate. Around 5% of the direct debit payees were rejected at first pass and needed some intervention. This has now been done and the vast majority of these will be paid by Friday 27 May. Unfortunately, there will be a few that have been rejected completely. In these cases, customers will be contacted directly to resolve payment.

If you have not received your payment and you pay by direct debit you will need to complete the application form. Please see the information for non Direct Debit payers

Apply for the Energy Rebate Scheme here >>

Non Direct Debit payers

Where we do not hold or have been unable to verify your bank details, and you believe you are eligible for the rebate you will need to apply using the on-line application form as there needs to be a secure process for claiming and paying the rebate to customers.  The form is simple to fill in and will guide you through a short set of questions about yourself and your property and let you know if your eligible to receive the rebate or not.

Government requires additional assurance checks to be undertaken prior to eligible households  receiving the £150 payment. The relevant person within the household is required  to provide details of their property and bank account. In order to process your application a residency/ bank validation check will need to be conducted via a credit reference agency. This check will not affect your ability to get credit or your credit score.

Before you apply for the rebate please have the following information to hand:

  • your council tax account number for your main or sole home
  • a recent bank statement which must show your name, address, bank account number and bank account sort code.

There may be some instances where the claim fails the residency / bank validation check. In these instances you will have the option to upload your bank statement as part of your application so your details can be verified.

Where your details cannot be verified you will be given an alternative option to have your council tax account credited with £150 as per government advice.

Due to the large number of eligible households and the validation checks required, using this application form is the fastest way to receive your payment if you do not pay by direct debit.

Payment is made on the assumption that you are the liable Council Taxpayer, and the property meets the eligibility criteria on 1 April 2022. If this is not the case the payment will be liable for recovery.

Apply for the Energy Rebate Scheme here >>

In most cases the payment is approved within two working days and in your bank account within seven working days of you making your application. 

The government has produced a factsheet that is available here.  

Other help available for North Yorkshire residents can be found here:

Can I stop my bank from using the rebate to pay off an overdrawn account?

This process is called ‘First Right of Appropriation’ and further information can be found here:

Yes, you can. Instead of the rebate being taken by your bank to pay off an unarranged overdraft you can tell them how you would prefer the money to be used. This might be to pay for phone or energy bills, for example.

Send a letter telling them when the £150 rebate is credited to your account, and how you would like it to be spent by detailing upcoming transactions


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