Street cleaning

Fly tipping

We are responsible for the investigation and removal of fly-tipping from public land. Large quantities of waste left in water may be dealt with by the Environment Agency:

If you witness someone fly-tipping, please make a note of any details and vehicle registration as this will be useful if legal action is to be taken.

We will need: 

  • the type and volume of waste
  • the type of land the waste is on
  • the location (and a photo if possible)
  • your contact details (in case we need more information)

Please note that we only clear fly-tipping from public land.

If you witness someone throwing litter from their car or dropping on the street, and you wish to report the incident, please note that in order for enforceable action (providing you would be prepared to be a witness at magistrates court) to be taken we require as much information as possible:

  • names
  • car registration, make and model
  • photographs
  • time and location details
  • convenient times you could attend court in the next 3 months

Find out more from the National Fly-tipping Prevention Group.

Report fly tipping

Recycling centres

North Yorkshire County Council continues to operate twenty household waste recycling centres, commonly known as tips, within North Yorkshire.

To find the location, opening times and materials accepted at your local site please visit the North Yorkshire County Council website.


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