Housing Benefit


Depending on whether you are still entitled to Housing Benefit or not will change how overpayments are handled.

If you are still entitled

If you have been overpaid housing benefit and you are still entitled to receive help we will recover the overpayment from your ongoing benefit. If the amount we have decided to recover is going to cause you financial hardship, you should contact us straight away, and we will send you an income and expenditure form to complete. We will use the information you provide to see if the recovery level can be reduced. 

If you are no longer entitled

If you have an outstanding overpayment but you are not entitled to receive help we will send an invoice for the balance. This could have happened due to a claim's cancellation or as a balance of an existing overpayment that we were previously taking back from your benefit. If you are not able to pay the invoice in a single lump sum you should contact the sundry debtors department on 01609 779977 to make alternative arrangements.

If you disagree with either the reason for or the amount of your overpayment you should make a written appeal to the benefits section within one month of the letter informing you of the overpayment.

Direct earnings attachment

An employers' guide for Direct Earnings Attachments (DEA) can be found here:

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