Housing Benefit

Making an appeal

If you are unhappy about a decision that we have made, you can ask us to look at it again, this is called a ‘reconsideration’. Alternatively, you can make an immediate appeal against our decision. If you have requested a reconsideration, we will look at your case again. We will check it thoroughly and take account of any more information you have given in your letter.

We may then: 

  • decide not to change the decision,
  • change the decision and pay you more benefit or
  • change the decision and pay you less benefit

We will write to you and let you know what we have decided. If we decide not to change the decision you will have the right to appeal. Whenever you appeal against a decision we will always check our earlier decision again. If we decide not to change it, we will send the details of your appeal direct to the Tribunals Service for their independent consideration.

Time limits

Appeals should be made in writing to the benefits department and must be signed. The appeal should include the reasons for disagreement. If you submit your request outside of one month, we will only be able to look at it if you can show that you had a good reason for not making your request within the one month time limit.

Your claim will be looked at by a different member of staff and a full explanation given. If you are still unhappy with the decision you can ask for your appeal to be sent to the Independent Tribunal.


If you are unhappy with the service you have received from the Housing Benefits Department or Taxation Office please refer to the complaints procedure.

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