Council Tax discounts

You’ll usually have to pay Council Tax if you’re 18 or over and own or rent a home. You may be eligible to get money off your Council Tax bill if you satisfy any of the following criteria.

Band reduction for disabilities

If you or someone you live with is disabled, or your property has modifications for wheelchair access, you may be entitled to a reduction.

Council tax disregard

If you have received a full bill it is assumed that there are at least two adults living in your dwelling as their main home. If there is only one person, the bill can be reduced by 25%. Some people are not counted when looking at the number of adults resident:

  • Full time students, student nurses, YTS trainees and apprentices.
  • Patients resident in hospital.
  • People being looked after in care homes.
  • Severely mentally impaired people.
  • People for whom someone is receiving child benefit.
  • Low paid care workers.
  • People who care for a disabled person - not their spouse, partner or child.
  • Members of visiting forces.
  • Members of religious communities.
  • People in prison.
  • People staying in hostels or night shelters.

Council tax reduction

If you're unemployed, retired or working on a low income, you could be entitled to a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you need to pay.

Pensioner age claims

Pensioners can receive a discount of up to 100% off their Council Tax bill.

Property exemptions

There are certain properties we do not charge Council Tax for, including empty properties or student houses.

Second adult rebate

If you're living with someone who isn't your partner, but you aren't eligible for Council Tax reduction, you may be entitled to a rebate.

Single occupancy discount

If only one adult occupies a property, they may be entitled to a 25% discount. 

Unoccupied and unfurnished discounts and second homes

Some types of properties, including unfurnished homes, caravans, moorings or second home may be applicable to a discount. 

Report a change of circumstances

If you are receiving Council Tax discounts, you need to tell us about changes in your circumstances if:

  • your home details change. You are moving home, changing your tenancy or getting a new landlord 
  • your circumstances or your partner's circumstances change. You have changed your name, your employment, the benefits you receive, your income or had a change in savings
  • you are admitted to hospital for any period of time you must inform us as soon as possible. It is important we know the date you are admitted and the date you leave in order to calculate any changes to your benefits

If you're not sure, it is always better to tell us.


Discounts are reviewed regularly in the year and visits may be made where appropriate to verify that discounts should continue.

You must notify us within 21 days of any change that may affect your entitlement to a discount - failure to do so carries a £70.00 penalty.

Further information

For further advice and information contact us:

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