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Be aware for a successful conviction provide us with as much information as possible

  • description of the person committing the offence, name, address, vehicle, model, colour, registration
  • description of the dog
  • photographs
  • date, time, location

All the above details make it easier for enforcement action to be taken, unless we find out who is committing the offences we are unable to take any action and the problem just continues.

Dog waste bins are provided throughout the district to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets. Please dispose of dog waste in your black bin.

If a dog defecates at any time on designated land AND the person in charge of the dog at that time fails to remove the faeces, that person is guilty of an offence. Penalty for such an offence is £50 FPN (fixed penalty notice) or if the above fine is left unpaid or contested the Council will take action through the magistrates court which carries fines of up to £1000, a criminal record, court costs, and victim surcharge. Please do not put dog waste into the green garden waste bin.

Pay your fine online

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It is important that dog owners realise that the mess left by their dog is both a nuisance and a serious health hazard. Dog faeces can contain a number of things which can make people ill, best known of which is the infection caused by Toxocara Canis.

What is Toxocara Canis?

Toxocara Canis is the common roundworm of the dog. Toxocara eggs are present in the faeces of dogs which have not been treated with the appropriate tablets. If a person comes into contact with contaminated faeces and infected eggs, usually through swallowing, there is a slight possibility of an illness referred to as Toxocariasis.

Are all dogs infected?

It is reasonable to assume that all puppies are born with Toxocara Canis and that they will produce larger numbers of eggs than adult dogs. This is why it is very important for dog owners to worm their dogs regularly to rid them of infection. Dogs can become re-infected if they come into contact with Toxocara eggs. Many dog owners do not take this seriously and 54% of dogs are never wormed.

What are the symptoms of Toxocarisis?

Eye disorders are commonly associated with Toxocarisis. This is because the larvae are often transported to the eye, where they cause the growth of non-malignant tumours or the development of detached retinas. Other flu-like symptoms - such as muscle aches and pains, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits - can be associated with Toxocariasis although this not easy to confirm.

Can Toxocara cause blindness?

Total blindness from Toxocara infection is exceptional. It is rare even for the sight of one eye to be totally lost, though vision can be impaired. However, even one case is too many. It is so simple and easy to prevent by ensuring your animals are wormed regularly.

How do you contract the disease?

Humans contract the disease as a direct consequence of swallowing the eggs. The eggs can stay in the soil for two years after the faeces have rotted away. Once swallowed the infection lasts between 6 and 24 months. Often the infection is transmitted from the hands of the individual but also from wheels of toys, soles of shoes or the dogs themselves.

Are there any treatments or cures?


Is it safe to clear up after my dog?

Freshly passed faeces are not a Toxocara hazard. Any eggs in the faeces take two or three weeks to mature before becoming infectious.

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