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What happens to the recycling?

The recycling material collected is taken to Yorwaste recycling sites - at Tancred, near Scorton or Harewood Whin near York and then bulked up before it is taken to Ward Recycling Ltd and Palm Recycling in Teesside.

From there:

  • newspapers and magazines go to Palm Recycling in Norfolk.
  • cardboard and mixed papers go to DS Smith in Kent.
  • aluminium cans go to Novelis Recycling at Warrington.
  • steel cans go to Ward Bros in Darlington.
  • mixed plastic goes to Roydon Group in Manchester.
  • cartons go to Ace Recycling in Northwich, Cheshire.
  • glass goes to Viridor glass at Sheffield.
  • waste goes to Niramax in Hartlepool
  • mixed glass, cans and plastic bottles (contingency) goes to Glass recycling UK in Barnsley
  • mixed fibres (contingency) goes to Recycling UK in Cheshire
  • garden waste goes to Yorwaste;composting sites operated by Yorwaste

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